The perfect gift

At Vida's Beauty, you can offer gifts to your loved ones or friends. I offer two choices for gift cards.


Either you can choose a particular treatment that you like and charge the card with the corresponding amount, otherwise you can charge a card with the amount you want.


In the case of a card with a particular treatmenr, if this does not correspond to the wishes of the person, he / she can choose another treatment by paying the difference at the end.




Prices and durations

Purchases can be  made either at the sallon or by phone.

At the sallon, I accept the traditional payment methods (cash / card / check / Apple Pay / ...). By phone I only take the credit card which can be paid remotely or by check (the card will be sent by post once the check is cashed).


Any card with an amount <150 € is valid for 3 months and 6 months for any card> 150 €.


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